Welcome to the Blob!

12 05 2009

Well, that’s an embarrassing start.

Blogs are fascinating things. I have generally avoided them. First of all there’s the priority I need to give in my schedule to the study of God’s Word. Then there’s all the news I need to stay on top of. After that there are the many useful things I’d like to learn so that I can be more efficient with the various tools and gifts God has provided in our day. And all that has to fit into the time that I’m not out visiting shut-ins, hospitals, delinquents or prospects, not to mention classes, devotions, meetings, family events, counseling, etc., etc., etc.

Who has time to read blogs, let alone write one?

I guess that accounts for the freudian slip in the title. That’s pretty much how the world of blogs looks to me. Sure there are some tasty little tidbits out there that I enjoy running into whenever I do venture into that nebulous world. But it’s like the cherries that you find too rarely inside of those fruit cocktail Jello molds you get at any good church potluck. I’m not saying such blobs aren’t delicious through and through. I’m just saying that eating enough of them to satisfy my lust for fruit cocktail cherries just wouldn’t be good for me. Catch my drift?

But rest assured. This isn’t a blog that I plan on “writing” so much as it is a place where I would like to post sermons that I’ve written. Those who follow Exetweet on Twitter might be interested in seeing how those little exegetical tidbits affect the final product. Others (hi, mom) might just like to collect the sermons. Quite a few people have received emailed or podcasted sermons in the past and are likely frustrated by how spotty such communications have become. And now that my RSS feed to iTunes has been broken for a few months and my emails have come to a hault (ah, how fragile was my tender, little routine), I thought it was time for something new and potentially more permanent. I still hope to resurrect the RSS feed that iTunes is connected to, mind you, but there isn’t a lot I can do about it myself so long as the technical aspects of the feed remain beyond my control. This, on the other hand, is completely in my control–so long as WordPress continues to offer the site, that is. I just need to alter my routine so that I can do more than just email a sermon which then will disappear to the rest of the world forever. This will allow a posting, which will leave the sermons available for a good time longer.

So welcome to the blob, and God bless your studies. Let’s pray you find a cherry or two.



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